After the public and private comments on the customer service (or lack of it) in my last blog post regarding Oracle Bar in Leeds, I gave it another chance today: the MD had offered to take us, and despite a few of our team not being mad chuffed with the place we nodded and got bought lunch in the sun.

To be fair, it wasn’t bad. Aside from a 45-minute wait for a glass of diet Coke (!) and the waitress getting my order wrong (“it’s a new menu”) it was a reasonable outing. Still bloody expensive for what it is: the Oracle burgers (which resemble more a game of Kerplunk than food) were dried out and had a ‘pre-cooked’ feel, but at least we got fed on time.

Had we not been at the MD’s discretion of a slightly longer lunch I think we’d have timed out, and given there were empty tables outside I still don’t think it’s a good lunch venue if you’re on a tight schedule. It’s more an after-work place I guess, where – for a pint and a sit in the sun as you watch the totty wander over the bridge – it’s pretty good.

(By the way – the last couple of comments in my last post looked suspiciously like either staff or Oracle’s PR agency – make it a bit more believable next time, guys :P)