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Rumours abound of another Ghostbusters movie once more, without Bill Murray – but with Ben Stiller, whom I bloody despise: the only good Ben Stiller film I’ve seen is Mystery Men, and that’s ‘cos the supporting cast blew him away totally.

Rumoured release date of 2008. Given the mess Akroyd made of Ghostbusters II and Blues Brothers 2000, I’m not holding out much hope.


  1. I think ghostbusters and its ’89 sequel are unbelievable films.

    They are so original and SO funny. There’s something for everyone here, the kids love it and lines like "yes its true… this man has no dick" is possibly the funniest example of wit on the big screen.

    Ackroyd, Murray and Ramis were impeccable in the films.

    My only worry, in todays film making world, is the overuse of CGI. If they stick with the 90’s tecnology rather than go OTT with everything ala star wars, they should be ok.

    I wouldn’t mind ben stiller, but NOT as a replacement for murray and i hope he wouldnt "over act" and shadow the other 3 out.

    murray, akroyd and ramis. You are legends, i hope you can come together and make another great film. The ghostbusters creation has infulenced millions!

  2. why, i don´t stand bill murray don´t wanna make another squel of ghostbusters.

    tommy lee jones is more man than murray because, tommy acept any kind of movie he is a real proffesional actor.

  3. hi!!i´m from Portugal,i´m 25 and big ghostbusters fan!!People…ghostbusters are 4 not 3…Winston Zedmore (Ernie Hudson)i quote "…i see shit that will turn you white…"don´t forget about him ok!?GhostBusters Forever!!

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